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Intro of Algorithm

The word Algorithm mostly familiar in Math and Computer Science fields. But this term is not limited to these fields. Informally, algorithms mean steps of solving a problem. We can solve any kind of problem algorithmically. In computer science, the use of algorithms is everywhere. Using algorithms, we can come up with the most efficient […]

Linear Search | Algorithm

Linear Search is the easiest Search algorithm in computer science. If you ever try to search an element in a list sequentially, you already used a linear search algorithm. Congrats! You know already. You may learn more details about the linear search by reading this article. In computer science, a linear search or sequential search […]

Merge Sort Implementation in Python

We all know that a Merge Sort is a sorting algorithm. You can find the implementation code of this algorithm is everywhere. But I want to organize this on my site. The complexity of this algorithm. Worst Complexity:  n*log(n) Average Complexity:  n*log(n) Best Complexity:  n*log(n) Space Complexity: n