Python programming

Python is One of My Favorite Language

There are lots of programming languages. From those languages, I have some favorite languages. Python is one of them. I use Python on problem-solving sites mostly.

Python is a general-purpose programing language. And it is created by the Dutch computer programmer Guido van Rossum.

The first release was in 1991.

Python has one of the coolest syntaxes. Its code looks a lot like English. A lot of work can be done by writing a little Python code. It’s a beginner-friendly and dynamic programming language. That’s why you don’t need to declare the type like statically typed languages, and it can understand by itself.

Besides lots of built-in functions, Python has so many useful modules to make our work easier. Using those modules, we can do more with less code.

Python is a general-purpose language. Various kinds of fields in the tech industry use python. Such as Web, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, etc.

Python has some awesome frameworks like Django, Flask, Kivy, etc. Especially Django is a robust framework for web application developers. The official documentation of Django is one of the best. There are so many libraries for ML engineers, data scientists. Such as Pandas, Numpy, PyTorch, etc. I don’t know much about those libraries.

It is one of the widely used programming languages. Unlike every other programming language, it has some pitfalls. Peoples complains that Python is slow compared to Java and C++. I don’t know so many details. But I think the good side of Python is much more.

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