My Most Favorite Five Youtube Channel for Learn Full-stack Web Development

Youtube is huge. There are so many videos are uploaded every day. Nowadays, it’s become one of the most awesome platforms for learning something new.

There are tons of YouTube channels for learning full-stack web development. Though I have much more than five favorite tech youtube channels, and those are also awesome. But I am going to write about my five most favorite Youtube channels for learning full-stack web development.

If I am not wrong, most of you already know about these channels.

Traversy Media

This is one of my most favorite channels for learning. It has tons of content about various topics. These are mostly JavaScript-based content. But there is also tons of content on other topics. Previously, Brad provided only his own content, but now other content creators can publish their content in this channel.

This channel is pure Gem. It’s full of content from different content creators. It has an insane amount of content that will surprise you. You will find almost any kind of tech-related stuff on this channel. Not only the youtube channel but also FreeCodeCamp has an awesome website for learning. There you will find organized content for learning.

Tech With Tim

This one is another awesome channel for learning. You will find lots of content are on this channel. This channel Mostly covers Python-related content. And these are well explained. You will find some awesome playlists about Python frameworks, libraries/modules. There are also tons of tutorials on other programming languages and topics.

The Net Ninja

If you go to this channel, you will find so many awesome playlists. I find these are beneficial. This channel also mostly covers JavaScript-related content. This channel has so much content on other topics as well. I like this channel’s specific topic-wise concise tutorial playlists.

Ben Awad

Another channel with a good amount of awesome resources. You can check it by yourself. This channel is also JavaScript-focused. Choosing tutorials topic are pretty good. This person has excellent humor sense. You will really like the playlist of this channel. And here are some real-life projects that are excellent.

Final Words

It is not a good practice to watch only video tutorials and rely only on the projects shown in the tutorials. In addition to watching tutorials, you should try to do some projects yourself. There is a lot to learn from the project. These cannot be learned just by relying on the tutorial.

There are so many awesome channels for learning. It’s not necessary that you have to learn from only these channels.

To become a good developer, always expand your knowledge. Video tutorials are good. But don’t just rely on video tutorials or video courses. Try to go beyond the video tutorials. Try to read books, read articles, official docs, and so on.