Intro of Algorithm

The word Algorithm mostly familiar in Math and Computer Science fields. But this term is not limited to these fields. Informally, algorithms mean steps of solving a problem. We can solve any kind of problem algorithmically.

In computer science, the use of algorithms is everywhere. Using algorithms, we can come up with the most efficient solution to a problem. We can compare one or more solutions efficiently.

Suppose we want to make a coffee. If we write the steps to make a cup of coffee, then we can say it is the algorithm of making coffee. In computer science, the algorithm is something like that. There are so many proven algorithms in computer science to solve different types of problems. I will be going to write about those in detail in the future. You can also visit the Algorithms category on my site.

If we want to solve a problem, we do not start immediately. We will think about the problem first. Then write down the steps of the solution. Then apply it. This whole process is an algorithm.

There is more than one way to solve problems. Using algorithms, we can come up with the best possible solution. Qualities of a good algorithm in computer science:

  1. Clearly defined input and output value
  2. The explanation should be precise
  3. The step should be clear
  4. The solution should be comparatively efficient
  5. Need to use Pseudocode. Because It’s easy to convert into any other programming language.

These are some points we need to remember when we design algorithms. Knowing algorithms is very important in computer science.