Computer programming from my perspective

Programming is not about typing, it’s about thinking.

Rich Hickey

A computer programmer can command a computer to do something. Computer programming is just awesome. This is something I like to do and happy to do. It gives me power and joy. The current technology era made by programmers, we are now living in it. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, etc are a big example of that.

When I was writing my very first line of code, I feel like I can create something. It was like, I can instruct a computer to do something. That was an amazing experience. Though in my first try I did not successfully run my code. But it’s ok and It is normal to make mistakes in this field. It is much more satisfying to see a successful output after many attempts than the first attempt. That does not mean every time you have to do mistakes.

Some of the key reasons why I love programming most

I can create new stuff and see the instant output of my creation. It gives me the freedom to create something that I want. Sometimes I feel I can talk with my computer. Programming builds our logical skills and increases our thinking capability. Sometimes it’s so much frustrating. Because finding some solution takes so many times. After getting the solution your frustration turns into joy. I love that part also. Programming is all about facing challenges and comes up with an optimal solution. I love to take new challenges and solve problems.

In this tech era, computer programming is everywhere. The value of a good programmer is everywhere. There are a lot of job opportunities for good computer programmers.

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