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HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

Introduction HTML is not a programming language. It’s a markup language that is used for creating web pages. Every website in the world uses HTML to build its web page. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Tim Berners-Lee is the creator of it. If you want to work on web-related things, it’s important to know […]

2021 will be an awesome year

Already some days of the new year have passed. Sometimes a year seems like too much time, and sometimes it seems very short. But we can do so many things if we utilize a year properly. For that, we must have to be consistent. A year is enough time to see improvements in ourselves. I […]

51st Blog Post

I published my 50th blog post on this site. This post is all about my blog journey. Though I am not an expert, and my journey is not so long. It will be around one year. I started this website for myself. I always want to know more about technology and improve myself. And I […]

10 Useful VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts

We all know about the Visual Studio Code (Also known as VS Code) editor. It’s one of the most popular coding editors. And my most favorite editor. Microsoft created this editor, and it’s completely free. There are so many reasons why it is so popular. But this is not the purpose of this blog. This […]

Computer programming from my perspective

Programming is not about typing, it’s about thinking. Rich Hickey A computer programmer can command a computer to do something. Computer programming is just awesome. This is something I like to do and happy to do. It gives me power and joy. The current technology era made by programmers, we are now living in it. […]

7 Days 7 Projects

I started the #7Days7Projects challenge on February 8, 2020. Today February 14, 2020, I finished my #7Days7Projects challenge. I am very happy about it. I took this kind of challenge because I have a record of missing many deadlines before. I wanted to be more aware of my own commitments to myself. That’s why I […]

Most Common HTTP Status Code

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol which is a protocol for communicate between web servers and clients. When we enter any web addresses in the browser, the browser displays our desired result of the corresponding URL in the browser body. But behind the scene, we get so much information about our request. HTTP Status Code […]