Month: May 2020

Python is One of My Favorite Language

There are lots of programming languages. From those languages, some are my most favorite. Python is one of them. I use Python on problem-solving sites mostly. Python is an interpreted general-purpose programing language. Python’s first released in 1991. And it’s is created by Guido van Rossum. He is a Dutch computer programmer. Python has one […]

Linked List – Code Snippet

We can see linked list implementation in python in the following code. And with some important operations of the linked list. The time complexity of every operation is O(n) except insert_front and empty. And the complexity of insert_front and empty is O(1). Singly Linked List Doubly Linked List

Linear Search | Algorithm

Linear Search is the easiest Search algorithm in computer science. If you ever try to search an element in a list sequentially, you already used a linear search algorithm. Congrats! You know already. You may learn more details about the linear search by reading this article. It’s also known as sequential search and simple search. […]