Month: April 2020

Multidimensional Array – Data Structure

If you already know about Array. Then learning Multidimensional Array will not difficult for you. If you want to read my article about Array, click here. In short, when we write array inside an array, it’s become a multidimensional array. Let’s try to understand more clearly through examples. Note: In python, we are going to […]

Array | Data Structure

If you are familiar with at least one programing language, you already used array. It’s a linear and the most fundamental data structure of computer science. It’s comparatively easy to learn and very useful. In short, an array is a collection of elements. These elements can be any type of data type. Such as integer, […]

Intro of Data Structure

I want to be a good software engineer, should I know about Data Structure? The answer is yes, of course. 🙂 Data Structure is a very fundamental subject in computer science. In our computer, we are dealing with data every time. In fact, without data, there is nothing to do on a computer. Suppose a […]

7 Python Tips and Tricks

There are lots of features in Python that help us a lot and make our work easier. In this article, we are going to know some of them. These seven tips and tricks are randomly ordered. help() help() is a Python built-in function. And it helps us a lot when getting stuck or we need […]