Month: March 2020

Overview of JavaScript Template Literals

JavaScript is an awesome programming language and also one of my favorite. It has so many cool features. In this article, I am going to cover one of that which is “Template literals” ( also known as Template strings ). This feature has not been in JavaScript since the beginning. A version of JavaScript introduces […]

Merge Sort Implementation in Python

We all know that a Merge Sort is a sorting algorithm. You can find the implementation code of this algorithm is everywhere. But I want to organize this on my site. The complexity of this algorithm. Worst Complexity:  n*log(n) Average Complexity:  n*log(n) Best Complexity:  n*log(n) Space Complexity: n

Computer programming from my perspective

Programming is not about typing, it’s about thinking. Rich Hickey A computer programmer can command a computer to do something. Computer programming is just awesome. This is something I like to do and happy to do. It gives me power and joy. The current technology era made by programmers, we are now living in it. […]