Learner – Programmer – Dreamer

I am an ordinary self-taught computer programmer. Programming is something I like most. It’s fascinating to me.

I am an enthusiastic learner and always enjoy learning something new about technology. I try to keep update myself by learning. I am also a full-time learner.

On the other hand, I love to solve problems and take new challenges. Solving programming problems is one of my favorites.

JavaScript and Python are my favorite programming language. And I am proficient in these languages. I have a little bit of knowledge of PHP and Java.

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Things I am a bit good at

Problem Solving

I love to solve computer programming problems. Most of the problems are related to data structure and algorithms.

Full Stack

As I don’t have the experience to work on large-scale projects, I am not claiming that I am an expert at this. But I have decent full-stack development knowledge.


We all know debugging is very important, and debugging is the thing I can do with patience.


Poor communication creates misunderstand. That’s why good communication skill is very much important. And I can assure you that I am friendly with good communication skills.